Forever Interiors is about reusing, rebuilding, and custom building furniture from reclaimed wood.

Chalkboards & Cork Boards

We've got some chalkboards and cork boards. Perfect for jotting down a Grocery list or a To Do list!

Door Vanity


A vanity made with doors and vintage tin ceiling tiles!


DoorCabinet, entirely made out of reclaimed doors. It's huge size is great for that much needed extra storage!

Framed tin tile

We framed this piece of tin tile, it's absolutely gorgeous!


A one of a kind mechanic's cabinet we fixed up a bit! The top and door are redone with reclaimed wood.

One of a kind table

One of a kind epoxy covered table, look how gorgeous that color is!

We've got sliding doors

Here is an example of a sliding door that has been set up! Made fully out of reclaimed wood.