Forever Interiors is about reusing, rebuilding, and custom building furniture from reclaimed wood.

The Block Table

I spend a lot of time in the showroom sitting on these items while talking to customers, but they aren't seats at all. These are our Block Tables and you can find them scattered throughout the shop. As with most everything we do, the table is made from reclaimed BC Fir from old Toronto homes and churches and the bottom is made with hot rolled steel. This table is 24 inches off the ground. The actual block is 9 inches high and the square is 18 x 18. It looks like a substantial table, but it is easy to move around because that 9 inch thickness is actually a very large lip. I can only imagine how heavy this would be if it were a solid piece of wood.

Dimensions: 24''x18''x18''
Top Material: Reclaimed BC Fir
Top Stain: Natural

Furry Visitors

Every so often we are lucky enough to have customers of the furry variety charm their way through the store. I think their express purpose is to make me love them, and they always succeed. This weekend lovely Leo, the Bernese Mountain Dog came in and he was so sweet I had to take a picture of him for my instagram collection #JunctionDoggies

How could you not love him?

Shelving Solutions at Forever Interiors

I think if there is one thing any home or business needs it is a good set of shelves. Both functional and stylish our three shelving units can be customized by width, height and stain to suit your space.

The Z-Shelf is an incredibly attractive way to organize and display books or ornaments. This particular shelf is actually 7 1/2 feet tall with a 1 foot base and holds 7 shelves. As we customize this for every client, these dimensions change for every shelf built depending on the height, number of shelves required and the space between those shelves.

The Box Shelf is new to Forever Interiors. Like everything we do it is made with reclaimed wood and hot rolled steel. The unit pictured is 6 feet tall, 3 and a half feet wide, 13 inches deep and holds 5 shelves. The finishing on the wood is a natural stain which is a nice contrast to the hot rolled steel frame.

The Tree Shelf, so named because Martin thinks it looks like a tree when viewed from the side, is another shelving solution we have. This minimal, understated design highlights your belongings, and as with anything else, you can customize the size and stain. The pictured unit is 3 and a half feet wide, 5 feet tall, 11 inches deep and holds 4 shelves.

Looking at Tables Today

Today Martin brought a sample of the new Commercial Cart Table to the showroom. We made a limited run of these coffee tables using found institutional carts as a base. The top comes in a variety of colours and every one will be a little bit different.


Dimensions: 50''x23''
Top Material: Toronto Home Roof Board
Top Stain: Clear

If you come into the showroom, no doubt you will see one of us sitting in the back of the shop working at the large harvest table among wrapped up benches ready for pick-up and wood stain samples. Often partially covered by drawings for new custom pieces, the charms of this table are not lost on most people who see it. This X-frame table with the Colonial American BC Fir top is incredibly comfortable to work at. The table is 6 feet long like so many others, however the width is almost 40 inches. At just over 3 feet wide, the extra few inches make this table nothing short of luxurious. 


Dimensions: 6'x40''
Top Material: BC Fir
Top Stain: Colonial American
Base: Hot Rolled Steel

From Old Baseboards to Beautiful One-of-a-Kinds

Martin came across some old painted baseboards and couldn't resist the colour. We turned these baseboards into a very limited collection of coffee tables with an epoxy finish. 

While the epoxy makes the table very durable it also highlights the flecks of colour and intensifies the natural character.



With the remaining baseboards we created these beautiful and simple mirrors. Again, the epoxy highlights the character of the wood making these mirrors both shabby-chic and refined.


Found wood like these baseboards often inspire one-of-a-kind pieces at Forever Interiors. Designed in the Junction. Made in the Junction.

Tree Shelve - reclaimed wood and steel

One of our Tree shelve installation. Built with a flexible metal frame looking kinda like a christmas tree and reclaimed Toronto Douglas fir as the shelve material of choice. In this particular unit we replaced a standard shelf with a enclosed display area. great for vases , trophies, pictures etc.....  

Barn Board Side Table

BarnBoard side table 

Just the perfect little piece for beside your sofa or beside your bed!
Always many to choose from in a variety of finishes. We never know what the barn boards we have coming in will look like. 
stay tuned