Forever Interiors

Forever Interiors is about reusing, rebuilding, and custom building furniture from reclaimed wood and fresh Ontario wood

Harvest Tables!

We're making tables left, right and centre from 121 year old Pine and reclaimed BC fir. The BC fir is local Toronto wood - more specifically it is the wood most Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian homes in Toronto are made from. True, it did not grow here but it has been around for over 100 years. Thank you BC!

Our pine is literally from around the corner. The Victorian Presbyterian Church was a High Park/Junction fixture for over 100 years and is now home to the Victoria Lofts. 

We've rescued dozens of massive 11 x 10 pine beams from the church and milled them down to the perfect width for our harvest tables. The building stands as it has for over 100 years but now the internal wood structure has been replaced with concrete which will stand another 100, no doubt.

Pictured is our 6 ft.Up & Down Harvest table.