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Large Harvest Table in a Collingwood Home

Monday morning Martin and Joanna drove from our workshop in Toronto to Collingwood to deliver a beautiful 9' X-Frame Harvest Table with matching bench. 

Joanna took a really beautiful picture. There are a lot of things I like about this harvest table in this kitchen. I like the contrast with the kitchen counter tops. I like the dark chairs that marry well with the hot rolled steel frame. But, mainly, I like that the table stain is much lighter than the floor. The contrast is pleasing. In store, I regularly have conversations with customers who are looking to purchase a table but are concerned with matching the stain with the floor or they are worried that it will clash or looked jumbled and confused. I always defer to the experts here – Apartment Therapy. Back in September, Joanna posted to our facebook page an article about mixing wood finishes and its got some great tips. That article featured two wood harvest tables with finishes that contrast with a dark or light wood floor. They look great, and it looks great here in this Collingwood home.

The other reason I love this harvest table is due to to its width. Like the X-Frame Harvest Table in the showroom this table is extra wide and I can only imagine how grand it looks.

Dimensions: 9' x 40''
Top Material: Reclaimed BC Fir
Top Stain: Colonial American