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Forever Interiors is about reusing, rebuilding, and custom building furniture from reclaimed wood and fresh Ontario wood

Reception Desk Project

With a street level store front, we are best known for harvest tables that we build for our walk in residential market clients. As a builder of harvest tables from all Canadian reclaimed wood and having a rustic vibe, restaurants and corporate customers such as software companies and Ad agencies often approach us for furnishing their spaces. We of course make more than tables, we make everything from coat racks to kitchen cabinets to giant bars and wine racks but tables are our core product.

Recently we were approached by a design firm with something exciting in mind. They wanted a reception desk for the entrance of the working space of a software company. The look was contemporary/modern with reclaimed and rustic accents and furnishings. Our job was to build their reception desk complete with drawers and cabinets based on drawings provided by the design firm and in a specific time frame.

You want it when?

Did I mention the deadline was tight? I didn't, but it was. There was a few uncontrollable delays before and after we came on board including a broken elevator, various changes and the fast approaching Christmas holidays. The designer, MetteDesign had to work around all the obstacles to get the job done by the deadline. Honestly, I think she lived there! We came on board late in the game but had less than thirty days to get the job done, as well as keeping up to date on our current projects. The first order of business was re-designing.

Size matters

The final product was 15 feet long, however the elevators were not 15 feet tall . We had to redesign the unit so it could be divided into 7 pieces to allow it to be A: Manageable enough to be built in sections in the workshop; B: Manageable enough to be lifted, moved and transported to site; and C: Small enough to fit in a mid century elevator.

The sections
1.big cabinet section,
2.big cabinet section top,
3.big cabinet section front panel,
4.low table section,  

5.low table section top,
6.low table section front panel,
7.small cabinet section

The Re-design

Along the way (for the sake of a quicker build and less complications) we chose to re-design the exterior. The overall look would remain, however certain changes allowed for the exposure of more metal and less wood, creating a more industrial look to this rather sleek-rustic piece of furniture. The original design called for much barn style wood on the exterior. Instead of completely covering the front with barn style wood as per original design, we re-designed it to have a limited amount of barn style wood in the mid to lower section and be contained in a metal panel that would be hung to the front of a cabinet. The upper section would contain exposed black metal and offer an industrial vibe to that of the lower wood panels rustic look.

Removable Decorative Panels

Our design approach was to secure removable metal frames (panels) to the front of the unit. It is a great design and a tried and true Forever Interiors method. The panels are designed to come off completely, fast and easy. This extremely useful feature allows for easy access to electrical wiring and communication systems wiring. Wires are secured to a basic plywood wall behind the cabinets. The panels are secured “hung” over it like an apron. The entire look of the unit can be changed via re-fitting the panels with differing woods or other materials. The panels are hung via the pre-built hinges on the main cabinet structure. The installation process takes minutes and completely hides the wiring, keeping it neat and tidy.

The Structure

The entire skeleton or should I say exoskeleton is steel. Compartments were designed into the structure as per Mettedesign specification, to house drawers, cabinets computer accessories etc. Wooden panels fit into predefined spots and require little more than pressure to be secure it in the space. All panel containing wood are removable.

The Test

After building all components, we did a test build in our workshop prior to going on site. We had to ensure that everything fit perfectly, functioned well, and most importantly offer no surprises during final assembly on site. 

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